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Medi Tours was established from 2020. Customer satisfaction is number one with us.

About Services

We really believe that your time with Driver/Guide will help you connect with and really immerse yourself in the country and will turn a good holiday into an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.  Quite simply having a Driver/Guide will let you truly connect with & enjoy all Scotland has to offer, hassle free. Your Driver/Guide are Tour Guide Badge accredited, they are simply the best in the business, combining vast amounts of knowledge with first rate practical guiding skills.  Guaranteed professionalism.

Each tour is for you and your party alone, from couples to larger parties & families, even solo travellers, so it goes without saying that your friendly Driver/Guide for your trip around Vietnam is dedicated to you too.

Private Tours

Designed with you in mind. It is called private as it includes just you and your party and your dedicated Driver/Guide.


We like to give value for money, often we are cheaper than most group tours. Our Private tours are more flexible, tailored to your needs & better value for money.

Tailor Made

Custom Designed –  can’t see a tour you want to book, or maybe you want to amend one or do something different. We can create your tour from scratch, simply call or contact us.

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